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Italdecò designs and manufactures ten different furnishing lines inspired by innovative designs and oriented towards maximum functionality. The project and product are studied to ensure that the working activities of each customer are radically improved, while reducing the costs of maintenance and enhancing the interiors and food products. The offering is completed with various types of display units and plug-in counters, which are made for different uses and offer high levels of customization in terms of colours, materials and technical features.


Since its foundation, Italdecò has aimed to make products that fulfil the dreams of its customers. For this reason, the furniture and fittings are designed with the personality, desires and unique qualities of the customer in mind, as well as his working lifestyle and his clientele. Only then is the furniture truly "tailor made" and represents genuine added value.


The Italdecò furnishing lines are influenced by the grand styles of international architecture, which are reinvented to make them suitable for public venues. Choose your style and contact Italdecò to begin building your business of tomorrow.